Our Brand Values


We believe in responsible travel, with  beneficial effects to the traveler experience and communities we serve. Our company’s goal is to contribute to sustainability at the economic, environmental, and social levels so we can see success of all members within our ecosystem.


We’re passionate in the work we do, and values we believe in. We strive to ensure that our products and services reflect the values that we live and breathe.


In an effort to reflect the consumer base and globalization of travel, Myght was founded with a focus on curating an ecosystem of advisors and suppliers, as well as destinations, to celebrate the rich diversity of the world in which we live.


Through our thoughtful selection process, Myght has hand-picked advisors that cater specifically to underserved groups within the industry, including but not limited to people of color, LGBTQ, and single female travelers.

Travel with Myght Founder


"Travel changed my life and I can't wait to share these moments with our community of travelers."

Javier created Myght because he believed that thoughtful partnerships between socially conscious organizations, professionals and travelers have the power to transform the travel industry into a force for good. In addition, Javier is passionate about giving back to his local community. Among other youth-focused travel initiatives, Javier is a board member of FLYTE, a youth travel nonprofit which enables youth to experience the life-changing power of education and travel.

Before founding Myght, Javier spent over nine years working at a global hotel chain and gained experience in operations, revenue and sales and event management. He holds a bachelors in Tourism and Business Management from Arizona State. Javier spends his time managing three other companies in Arizona and NYC.

Our Story

While Myght was founded in 2016, the idea for a responsible travel company to change lives and communities for the better began over a decade ago. Our founder, Javier Valdez was studying abroad in Costa Rica in 2009. When enjoying the excellence in bell service to plush-pillows and breathtaking balcony views, he fell in love with the hospitality industry. However, in stark contrast to the hotel’s luxury experience and natural beauty, he was shocked by the extreme poverty of surrounding communities and lack of economic opportunities.

Over the next few years, he witnessed similar contrasts while globetrotting through Asia, Europe and Latin America and thought, “why isn’t the travel industry closing the disparities between travelers and local communities?” Thus, he was inspired to build something that had never been done before: an online marketplace that connects travelers directly to top responsible travel advisors that don’t just show travelers a facade of luxury and pristine sights, but also positively impacts the local community, environment, and economy.

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Our Mission

Is to create opportunity for the travel industry to be a force for good.

Our Vision

Is to make responsible travel easy.