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The Myght Ecosystem makes sustainable travel easy. Through strategic partnerships between travel advisors, tour operators, suppliers and destinations, Myght works to create seamless sustainable travel solutions that are thoughtful, transparent, and transform the travel industry into a force for good.

Are you a business that supports the travel planning process and fall in one of these categories? We want to hear from you!

Travel advisors are experts in providing support and guidance to individual or group travelers to create the perfect travel experience. By working with a Myght advisor, travelers can trust their needs and desires to be met, as well as their travel experience to create positive and sustainable impact on the destinations they visit.

Travel Advisors

Responsible Partners

Tourism Boards, governments, local tour operators and suppliers are critical to creating real impact in communities they operate because they have insights to the true needs of their communities. Their expertise of the local community allows travel advisors to create a custom and seamless travel experience that actually creates real impact on the destination communities.

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Ecosystem Member Criteria

We use the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria and Suggested Indicators in an effort to come to a common understanding of sustainable tourism, and are the minimum that a Hotel, Destination, or Tour Operator (a provider, operator, and/or seller of travel products) business should aspire to reach.

  • Partners must be transparent with operations
  • Trips are designed around community needs and not the travelers expectations.
  • Maximize Social & Economic Impact for local community while minimizing negative impact
  • Maximize benefits to cultural heritage
  • Maximize benefits to the environment

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