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About Our Blog

Myght’s Travel Blog serves as a resource for travelers, wellness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs interested in social responsibility. Our content is created by leaders in these spaces and aims to help readers discover and continue their path to purpose. Live your best life while helping global communities thrive. 

We Publish Content on the Following Topics:

  • Responsible and Sustainable Travel and Destinations
  • Lifestyle, Including Wellness
  • Social Entrepreneurship Topics
  • Diversity in Travel, Wellness, and Business

Our Content Is:

  • Original and Unique
  • Well Researched and Based on Credible Sources 
  • Not Overly Self-Promotional 
  • Relevant and Timely
  • Engaging and Easy to Read

How to Pitch

Pitches should have a focus on issues related to responsible travel, wellness, or social entrepreneurship. For example, lesser-known sustainable destinations, tips for social entrepreneurs, responsible travel hacks, wellness tips, and essays on your experiences with diversity in travel. We seek articles that will help readers better understand their roles in making the world a better place.

Typical posts are 600 – 1200 words and can include photos.

Send an email to creator@myght.com.