Embracing Change: Innovating and Adapting for a Resilient Future in Tourism

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The year 2020 brought significant challenges to our travel company due to the global pandemic. According to various sources, the tourism industry faced a steep decline in 2020 with international tourist arrivals dropping by nearly 70%-73% and total economic output generated by travel and tourism falling by $982.5 billion, a decrease of over 50% from 2019 (Economics Observatory, Brookings, Trade.gov).

The unprecedented economic impacts led to a potential reduction in global GDP by 1.5% to 2.8% (UNWTO).In light of these challenges, we spent the last two years working relentlessly with our partners abroad to ensure the future of our travel plans. We have implemented stringent health and safety measures and adapted our services to meet the new travel norms.

We have invested in technology to enable virtual experiences and seamless online bookings. We have also worked on diversifying our offerings, focusing on domestic and nature-based tourism which saw a rise in popularity due to the pandemic.Furthermore, we have strengthened our relationships with our partners, ensuring that they too follow the necessary health protocols to ensure the safety of our clients.

We have also established flexible booking policies and cancellation options to give our customers peace of mind.While the impact of 2020 on our company was significant, it has pushed us to evolve, adapt, and prepare for a more resilient future in the travel industry.

We are optimistic about the future and look forward to planning safe and memorable trips for our customers once again.