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Why We Love Travel, and You Should, Too – Pt. I

Saint Augustine said, "the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." Since he made this pithy observation over 1,500 years ago – when the wonders of the Internet and globalization were unimaginable – we’re not sure that this is still entirely true. However, we think the main point – traveling holds awesome, life-changing powers – is still true. And regardless, even if traveling isn’t the only way to read the “book,” it's certainly our favorite way.

So what exactly is it about travel that makes us feel this way? This is the question we’ll be exploring in this post and in subsequent posts. We hope that in the process of dissecting our love, we inspire you to you find – or reaffirm – your love for travel. Here’s one thing we love about travel:

Traveling Broadens Your Perspective

Have you ever worked on something for so long that it stops making sense? And then after taking a much-needed break, you return to your work with fresh eyes and not only see all of your glaring mistakes but also suddenly feel like you’re back on the right track. Traveling is a lot like this break. It can refresh your perspective and help you re-engage with life in a more meaningful way.

Even though it might be uncomfortable, departing from all that is familiar can be a good thing to do. When you immerse yourself in a foreign place with different values, languages, customs, traditions, foods, and histories, you naturally start to see the world through another perspective. And with this new lens, we tend to feel more active and aware, which can spur insights that add value to our personal lives and all of those around us.

For example, maybe after taking a trip to a country of little wealth but seemingly a lot of happiness, you realize that you’ve become disconnected from your passion or what really matters to you. Or perhaps after soaking in a new culture, you simply gain a new appreciation for your life and a curiosity about all those around you. Or maybe you find that travel isn’t for you, and you realize just how much you love all that you’ve taken for granted – your family, friends, bed, and home.

Whatever realization or perspective shift you’re hit with, chances are it’ll be valuable. Being cognizant of and in contact with different perspectives and points of view is conducive to more self-realization, better decision-making, and even innovation, because when you gain perspective you gain the ability to see unforeseen opportunities.

So remember, if you want to think of something new, go somewhere new. These new experiences will likely impact you for years and in ways you never imagined.

And even if you're not feeling like you’re lacking perspective, traveling will still surely illuminate some uncovered idea or thought, because with traveling it's not a matter of if your perspective will change, it's more of a matter of how.

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Travel Changes Perspective